Inspiring Nat Geo

For Christmas a year ago, I asked if I could have a subscription to National Geographic. I’m grateful that I did, because it’s helpful as a tool of interest and support and of course, inspiration.

In April 2016’s issue it featured Joel Sartore’s photographs of animals. He was on a mission to photograph as many animals as possible, before some, as often happens, disappear forever.

They’re all photographed in front of white or black contrasting backgrounds. Might I add, this is Nat Geo, the animals are all alive for these shoots. There is no taxidermy, he cares for the animals and treats them with respect.

Now, there are pet photographers out there, who do a great job of capturing families loved animals, but they don’t, to me, represent the animal, they are there for the human interest of Bugsy the rabbit, or Defer the dog. Sartore’s imagery is for the animal, not literally for their mantelpiece in their hole underground, but for the humans to recognise them as an individual. To see them as another living, breathing organism.

This inspired me to react in a similar fashion. I would photograph the truth face of nature.

Satore’s work can be seen here:



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