For domain reasons, Talup is the URL name, but the real project is TALU. The ‘P’ could complete the end of the ‘U’ word or it could stand for ‘Photography’ both would be true.

TALU is Things Are Looking Up.

It began as a photography project, a few years back after graduating uni and when I developed a love for nature while volunteering as a gardener.

During university, I had spent some time capturing still-life images of flowers and feathers and bones, but that was in the days of copying other photographers, in this case Eberhard Grames and John Blakemore, who’s books still line by shelf.

The first shoot, simply had me pointing my camera, somewhat haphazardly, into trees. I was capturing the sprouting mess of beauty within it’s branches and leaves. For the most part, it was fun, though ones neck did ache after a while.

As a photographer you have to learn to ignore the distractions, for me this was the roar of traffic and yelling hooligans that passed me on the little island of nature in the middle of a dual carriageway.

I got my photographs and I was happy with them. I tried to capture every tree on that strip of land, there was only three or four different types. They were all in full bloom, thanks to an early Spring and the grey sky provided a great backdrop.

At home, in Lightroom, listening to Ella Fitzgerald, Talu was born. It started as this one project but now I want to see it as an institution if you will. One overlooking power, with smaller key projects sprouting from it. Talu became the tree it was photographing and the subsequent projects, were it’s branches, twigs and leaves.

I vow for this site, to be the accumulation of Talu’s achievements. A place where I can store it all, for myself and you, the reader. But if you were to take anything from it, I’d like it to be the notion of actually looking up. Because it’s beautiful up there. I promise you won’t regret it.


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